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How much easier would class preparation be if you had a library of pre-planned Sunday School Lessons?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hello Fellow Sunday School Teacher! :)

Do you worry all week about your Sunday School Class? Are you sick of living with the question “What am I going to teach this week?

Are you annoyed by the worry that your students aren’t having fun… frustrated by the inability to connect with your students on a meaningful level… and just about DONE with the endless creation of lesson plans?

Then what you’re about to see will be a real godsend! …

Because I’m about to show you how to put an END to Boring Sunday School Classes once and for all, and let you feel the Joy, Happiness, and Overwhelming Satisfaction that you get as a result of bringing your students closer to Christ!

And trust me, I know exactly how… because I’ve already done it!

If You’re Still Struggling With Creating Meaningful Sunday School Lessons, You Need To Read This Page Carefully!

Hi there, my name is Ann Davis, and yes it’s true…

I put an END to the frustration caused by being overwhelmed youth leader, and now I’m enjoying a fulfilling life helping to bring our youngest generation to Christ, free of all the stress and headache!

But let me back up a step…

It wasn’t that long ago that Fear was a part of my daily life.

That’s Right, FEAR. Fear that I was going to let down my church. Fear that I was going to let down my students. And Fear that I was going to let down Christ.

We both know that being a Sunday School Teacher or a “Youth Leader” is serious business. Our work has a DIRECT effect on the children we teach. If a student enjoys learning about Christ at an early age, study after study has shown that they will be more likely to continue a relationship with Jesus for the remainder of their lives.

That’s a lot of pressure weighting down on your shoulders if you ask me! And I felt every ounce of it. So much so that every week was a hectic balancing act between normal life and creating a meaningful, engaging and fun Sunday School Lesson for my class.

I Was Going Crazy Trying To Create Sunday School Lessons My Students Would Like

I tried everything to put an end to this weekly rollercoaster, but every solution fell short.

I’ll be willing to bet you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about, because chances are, you’ve been on this same weekly rollercoaster too…

You start off the week with great intentions, “This Week Will Be Different! …I’m going to create a kick-butt Lesson that the kids will love!”… but by Thursday night things aren’t looking too swell. Life gets in the way, and I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND! But before you know it, Saturday night is here and we are rushing to slap something together.

It can feel like you’re back in high school, cramming all night for a test!

And that is the last place we should be mentally and spiritually! We need to be rested, prepared, and able to teach effectively to the young and impressionable minds that need our guidance.

I Decided It Was Time To Take Matters Into My Own Hands

Clearly I was NEVER going to truly do God’s work if I kept doing things the same way, so I decided that I’d just have to figure out a system to create simple, effective and fun lessons that were easy to prepare for and present on Sunday.

So I got to work…

And as they say, the rest is history…

After months of hard work, I had complied a vast library of resources that would change my teaching forever!

No more frantically rushing for a topic to create a lesson around… No more pulling my hair out thinking about what activities will keep the students engaged… and no more second guessing the quality and effectiveness of next week’s lesson…

Just the happiness that comes from opening my student’s eyes to the truth of Christ, and having A WHOLE BUNCH OF FUN in the process!

Now My Goal Is To Help EVERY SUNDAY SCHOOL Teacher Take Control Of Their Class…

Then I got to thinking…

What kind of a person would I be if — knowing exactly how frustrating building a Sunday School Program is — I didn’t try to help my fellow youth leaders, too?

So I decided to pull together all of the steps, details, and instructions I used, turned them into an easy-to-follow system, and make it available to other Sunday School Teachers who were having the same experience.

Now I’d Like You To Have My Solution,  So YOU Can…

Enjoy Being A Well Prepared, Stress Free, And Energetic Sunday School Teacher!

Seeing how effective these Sunday School Lessons were with my students, I knew I needed to get my resource into as many hands as possible.

So I’ve decided to make my entire system available on the Internet, to anyone who needs it!

I call my solution Simple Sunday School Lessons and it’s a Huge Resource that you can use quickly, easily, and permanently as the only material you’ll ever need for your Sunday School!

Use Simple Sunday School Lessons, and within just minutes, you’ll be enjoying:

  • The peace of mind knowing that lesson planning is done for you!
  • The excitement of having Biblical sound materials that will change the lives of your students!
  • The relief that preparing for class will no longer be a week long ordeal, instead just minutes!

Before We Go On, You Need To Know A Few Important Things About The Lessons And Our Approach To Teaching

Our lessons are simple for you the teacher to prepare, but more importantly the lessons are effective and meaningful to the students being taught. These are lessons that you will not only be proud to teach, but you will be sure that what you are teaching is making an impact in the lives of your students! Here are a few important things to know about the lessons you will have immediate access too:

  • Each Simple Sunday School Lesson has a focused aim, without filler or irrelevant material. Your students will come away from each lesson with a clear and focused message that will help them in their growth as followers of Christ.
  • The lessons are based completely on Biblically sound and balanced knowledge of the true Word of God. This point is never lost, as the entire library of lessons is intended to show your students what God truly wants from and for them in their lives.
  • Every lesson has a clear and simple theme which applies to the students in their lives today. Connecting the Word of God to what your students are experiencing in their lives today is an extremely powerful way to show the power of our Lord Jesus Christ! His Word written thousands of years ago is relevant to all of us today, and the lessons definitely show this point to be true!
  • Each lesson gives your students important points to think about. The Discussion questions and prayers in each lesson are meant to focus the minds of the children on the message being taught and how they can incorporate what they’ve learned.
  • The Lessons cover an enormous amount of material (168 Lessons!), and each and every lesson reviews fundamental Bible truths faithfully and frequently.

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

Lesson 5

Lesson 6

Lesson 7

Lesson 8

Lesson 9

Lesson 10

Lesson 11

Lesson 12

Lesson 13

Lesson 14

Lesson 15

Lesson 16

Lesson 17

Lesson 18

Lesson 19

Lesson 20

Lesson 21

Lesson 22

Lesson 23

Lesson 24

Lesson 25

Lesson 26

Lesson 27

Lesson 28

Lesson 29

Lesson 30

Lesson 31

Lesson 32

Lesson 33

Lesson 34

Lesson 35

Lesson 36

Lesson 37

Lesson 38

Lesson 39

Lesson 40

Lesson 41

Lesson 42

Lesson 43

Lesson 44

Lesson 45

Lesson 46

Lesson 47

Lesson 48

Lesson 49

Lesson 50

Lesson 51

Lesson 52

Lesson 53

Lesson 54

Lesson 55

Lesson 56

Lesson 57

Lesson 58

Lesson 59

Lesson 60

Lesson 61

Lesson 62

Lesson 63

Lesson 64

Lesson 65

Lesson 66

Lesson 67

Lesson 68

Lesson 69

Lesson 70

Lesson 71

Lesson 72

Lesson 73

Lesson 74

Lesson 75

Lesson 76

Lesson 77

Lesson 78

Lesson 79

Lesson 80

Lesson 81

Lesson 82

Lesson 83

Lesson 84

Can’t Hide

Don’t Hurry




Pleasing God

God Hears


Target Hit




God is Near

Back Bone

Do Not Hate





God Cares



God Protects

God’s Plan


Honor God

God’s Plan


God Sees All

God Forgives

Wait On God



God’s Law


Trust God

God Miracles


Ask God

God Instructs

God is Judge

We Are One

Be Careful



Big Promises

God Is Here

Eyes On God

God Blesses

God Listens


God Is Strong



Trust God


God’s Favor

Your Giants


The Heart





Be Generous




Sin Issues

In Charge


Glorify God


Good Advice


God Cares


Not Alone

God’s Way

Do Not Covet


Work To Do

God Provides

Help Others

Lesson 85

Lesson 86

Lesson 87

Lesson 88

Lesson 89

Lesson 90

Lesson 91

Lesson 92

Lesson 93

Lesson 94

Lesson 95

Lesson 96

Lesson 97

Lesson 98

Lesson 99

Lesson 100

Lesson 101

Lesson 102

Lesson 103

Lesson 104

Lesson 105

Lesson 106

Lesson 107

Lesson 108

Lesson 109

Lesson 110

Lesson 111

Lesson 112

Lesson 113

Lesson 114

Lesson 115

Lesson 116

Lesson 117

Lesson 118

Lesson 119

Lesson 120

Lesson 121

Lesson 122

Lesson 123

Lesson 124

Lesson 125

Lesson 126

Lesson 127

Lesson 128

Lesson 129

Lesson 130

Lesson 131

Lesson 132

Lesson 133

Lesson 134

Lesson 135

Lesson 136

Lesson 137

Lesson 138

Lesson 139

Lesson 140

Lesson 141

Lesson 142

Lesson 143

Lesson 144

Lesson 145

Lesson 146

Lesson 147

Lesson 148

Lesson 149

Lesson 150

Lesson 151

Lesson 152

Lesson 153

Lesson 154

Lesson 155

Lesson 156

Lesson 157

Lesson 158

Lesson 159

Lesson 160

Lesson 161

Lesson 162

Lesson 163

Lesson 164

Lesson 165

Lesson 166

Lesson 167

Lesson 168



Show Mercy



God Loves

God is One

The Battle

Serve God

The Word


One God






Be Humble

God’s Law


God Wins




God’s Word



The Night

Seeking God




Living Water

A Prophet



The Sabbath








Our Eyes






Jesus Hears

Not Jealous

Being Rich




The Hour



Our King



The Unseen

The Spirit

Without Fear

Don’t Lie



God Can




Sing Praises









Your Faith


No Tears

We realize when it comes to Sunday School classes, no two are the same! Some churches and groups have a dedicated class for each age group, and others teach all of the students in the same setting. With this in mind we have age appropriate materials inside of each of the lessons.

For each of the 168 lessons you have 3 age appropriate teaching guides.

The ages are broken down as follows: 3-5 6-8 and 9-13.

The lesson plans are completely open to your customization! So if you see an activity that is in the 6-8 year old teaching guide for a lesson, and you feel that you can use it with your older students, go for it!

Each One Of The 168 Lessons is Suited for Full Fledged Church Programs and also Kitchen Table Bible Studies…

…no matter the size of your class, we have you covered!

Two students or thirty, it doesn’t matter, the lessons are appropriate for either setting. These lessons are simple to teach and effective in delivering a message no matter how many ears are focused on your message!

Let’s Take A Close Look At How Each Simple

Lesson Plan Is Laid Out…

Each One Of The 168 Lessons Is Based On A Unique Bible Story

Each One Of The 168 Lessons Is Based On A Unique Bible Story

In each one of the lessons you will be sharing a unique Bible story with your students.

You can read the Bible story to the students, or you can encourage your students to read the story aloud to one another.

The Bible stories are used as the foundation of each and every lesson. When you teach a complete lesson built around a Bible story, you can be assured that the message of God is truly being delivered during the time you have with your students! Our lessons do not stray away from the Bible, we embrace the Word of God Completely! 

Keeping with our SIMPLE theme, we have a real simple visual aid that you can use at anytime with your students ….

AND if that wasn’t enough to round out your lesson, you should also know that each of the 168 lessons comes with a MP3 recording….

Plus! We just added a great new resource for all of your sunday school crafting needs!

In addition to all of the lesson related materials (and there sure is a lot!), we also have a huge resource dedicated to you as a teacher. Simple Sunday School Teaching Tips is a complete E-Report that you will go to over and over again for guidance, inspiration and ideas.

Becoming a great youth leader doesn’t just “happen”. It takes a lot of work and help from God. There are so many lessons we can learn from in the Bible that apply directly to us as teachers. In this nearly 240 page special report, we highlight those lessons and cover 20 different pillars of teaching the Word to the youth.

This report will be a true asset to your ministry no matter if you are just starting out or if you have 20 years of Sunday School experience under your belt.

This report is so powerful and will help you become a better leader as it focuses  you on your ministry through reflection.  At the end of each chapter there are 10-15 questions to relate the reading to your growth as a teacher.  This report is all about improving your teaching, so the students who look up to you will have the best possible experience!

What’s It Worth To Have Your Sunday School Teaching Materials and Lesson Plans Done For You?

If you’ve been looking for Sunday School curriculum, you’ll know what other so-called solutions cost.

You can easily pay hundreds or in some cases thousands for expensive solutions, which will put a HUGE dent in your bank account.

Of course, you could always try to come up with your own solution, but why would you invest that much time, money, and energy, when all the hard work has been done for you?

In fact, when you consider how much has been put into Simple Sunday School Lessons, you’d expect to pay upwards of $500… which makes the actual price of just $37 a real steal!

That’s just $0.22 per Lesson to be FREE of the lesson creation that’s so time consuming!

It’s a small price to pay, I’m sure you’ll agree…

PLUS… Order TODAY, and I’ll Include These 5 Bonuses, To Help You Get The MOST From Simple Sunday School Lessons!

I want you to make sure you have maximum success with Simple Sunday School Lessons, so pick up Simple Sunday School Lessons to claim your bonuses now!

These bonuses include…

Bonus #1 – 1,000 Class Starters

Having your students speak about what’s on their mind is a great way for you as the teacher to not only encourage interaction between the students, but to also see what’s on their rapidly growing and impressionable minds.

With this in mind, we have created an amazing resource for you that has 1000 unique questions you can ask your students at anytime! Each question has the sole purpose of getting your students talking and also thinking. You can use this at the start of class to get everyone focused, or at the end to wind everyone down.

Having a group conversation really brings everyone together, and with 1,000 questions you’ll be able to lead MANY group talks.

It’s an incredibly versatile resource to have as a teacher, and with the diversity of subjects covered, your students will LOVE it!


Bonus #2 – Prayers To Teach

Simple prayers are always a wonderful way to get the Lord’s Word into the minds of our students!

This collection of 115 prayers is effective no matter the size of your class. You can use the prayers in class or can send your students home with a copy so that they can enjoy and memorize with their family!

Here is a sneak peak at the types of prayers and the topics covered:

Morning Prayers, Evening Prayers, Before Meal Prayers, After Meal Prayers, Birthday Prayers, Prayers for School, Prayers for Church, Christmas Prayers, Prayers for The Sick, Prayers To Help Parents, Prayers To Help Friends, Plus MANY MORE!


Bonus #3 – Endless Craft Ideas

The lessons contain unique crafts to go along with the subject being taught, but we also have put together a HUGE collection of craft idea (ALMOST 300!) articles that will have a huge impact on your class.

Sometimes you might just be looking for a unique craft to use in your class independent from the actual lessons, or a project for members of your church. With this GIANT collection of craft ideas and articles, you’ll never be without a great idea to implement quickly!

Examples of what’s inside:

  • Edible Christmas Tree Ornaments
  • How To Make Your Own Chocolate Easter Eggs
  • How To Make a Mouse Out of Walnut Shells
  • Basic Painting Techniques For Pastels
  • How To Create Beautiful Leaf Prints
  • How To Make Terracotta Christmas Bells
  • Craft Ideas for Thanksgiving
  • How To Make a Pine Cone Angel

All in total there are almost 300 unique articles!


Bonus #4 – Endless Recipe Ideas

This is an amazing resource to have as a teacher and a church member! Over 200 recipe ideas that are perfect to prepare for your students and also for church functions! These recipes are simple, tasty and fun creations that will defintly have your students asking for more!

Easter Recipes, Christmas Recipes, Summer Recipes, Healthy Snacks and MORE!

Here’s just a taste of the recipes inside!:

  • Hippity Hoppity Berry Cake
  • Granny’s Oat Squares
  • Blue Pretzel Dish
  • Magic Puffs
  • Pumpkin Bites
  • Dainty Easter Cakes
  • Tomato Pick-Up

There are over 200 unique recipes!


Bonus #5 – 50 Children’s Stories

A Mix of 50 children’s stories,  fairy tale type stories, realistic situation stories and fantasy stories. Each story has a spiritual lesson that is meaningful to share with your students. The stories are between 850 and 1300 words, which make them simple reads that you can use at almost any time.

Spiritual Value

1. Honor Your Mother And Father
2. Thou Shall Not Kill
3. Evangelism
4. Lying Hurts Others
5. Gossip
6. Avoiding Bad Influences
7. The Humility Of Christ
8. Selfishness
9. Envy
10. The Love Of God
11. Peace
12. Forgiveness
13. Christmas
14. Hanukah
15. Blessed Are The Poor
16. Missions
17. Respect Authority
18. Finding God’s Will For Your Life
19. Joy
20. Obedience
21. Resisting Temptation
22. Spiritual Gifts
23. Patience
24. Serving Jesus
25. Kindness
26. Angels
27. Abraham And His Son
28. Satan’s Desire To Hurt
29. Meeting God
30. The Faithfulness Of God
31. God’s Nature
32. Creation And The Fall
33. The Love Of God
34. Heaven
35. The Lost
36. Easter
37. Reconciliation
38. Blessed Are The Merciful
39. Blessed Are The Pure In Heart
40. Blessed Are The Peacemakers
41. Blessed Are Those Persecuted
42. Love Your Enemies
43. Worship
44. The Sabbath Day
45. Foul Language Grieves God.
46. We Should Have No Other Gods
47. What Is God’s Name?
48. Thou Shall Not Steal
49. What Is Idolatry And Why Is It Bad?
50. The Story Of The Fall


Daddy The Superhero
The Window In Time
Bad Imaginary Friend
The Rumor With Furry Feet
Fat Wally And The Piggies
What’s The Deal With Bruno?
The Prince Of Thieves
Horace The Hippo
The Broken Angel
Willie The Billy Goat
Dorothy And The Dolphin
Stanley The Snowman
What The Drummer Boy Didn’t Know.
Baby Polar Bears
Rubik’s Cube
A Raven Named Marvin
My Cat Thinks She Is President
The Happy Pony
The Three Hobbits
Belinda And The Tempest
The Good Talker
The Brand New Wizard
Misty Mountain
Chucky The Ducky
The Angel Child
Abe And Zack
Screwtape Likes It That Way
Charlie Wont Go
Nobody Asks The Donkey
If I Were God
What Odd Creatures God Made.
Love In A Bottle
Discovering Heaven
The Beggar Prince
Easter In The Garden
A Bad Dream
The Great Tiger
All The Little Lemurs
Eagles And Bears
The Joy Of Stephen
Loving Bullies
What Does God Like
A Trip On A Comet
A Swear Word In Heaven
Smudge And Snuggles Find A Statue
Merlin’s Magic Words
Is It Sin If You Didn’t Know?
Cartoon Dreams
The Good Little Snake

You’re Covered By a 100% Moneyback Guarantee!

You might have tried other curriculum before, only to be let down, so you might be worried about getting burned again…

But please understand, we truly want you to be completely happy and satisfied with your purchase!

So to put your mind at ease, I’d like to offer you an ironclad NO RISK moneyback guarantee:

The Entire “Simple Sunday School Lessons” Library Is Available To You Immediately!

No waiting for shipping, no added costs, just download and use right away!

The entire course is delivered to you digitally, no waiting or paying for shipments! You will have lifetime access to the special password protected download area, which means when we add features to the course, you get them for free! Moments from now you will be downloading your new Sunday School Materials!

With Just Five Minutes Of Prep, You Can Have A Complete Bible Lesson That You Will Be Proud To Present To Your Students!

Are you ready to take control of your Sunday School once and for all?!

To know that, finally, you’re clear of the stress and long nights that go into preparing lessons. Are you ready to have fun teaching interesting and engaging lessons that will bring your students closer to Christ?

Claim your copy of Simple Sunday School Lessons right away, and in just moments from now, lesson creation and class planning will be just a memory!

And remember, you’re fully covered by a 100% money back guarantee, so you’ve got NOTHING to lose to give Simple Sunday School Lessons a try!

To get started with Simple Sunday School Lessons right now, simply follow the link below.


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